Saturday, May 20, 2006

if i had my way

Sue Bradford is planning to remove Section 59 from the Crimes Act,(background is here) and has been interviewed in the lastest Investigate Magazine. The Family First lobby group has issued a media release saying that Bradford revealed in the interview that parents should not face prosecution after disciplining their children, despite her bill doing just that. The ZB Network has taken up the story.( here's the audio) which says that the comments Bradford made in Investigate contradict her bill.

Big News is on top of this issue and will be writing on it in the near future. Unlike Stephen Tetley-Jones from Family First, I've spoken with Bradford at length on her bill.


Anonymous said...

? Surely you mean Bob McCoskrie,
Dave? Or do all Radio Rhema hosts look alike?

Craig Y.

Dave said...

Craig, get with the programme, mate. Listen to the interview on ZB and you will hear Tetley-Jones as spokeksperson

Anonymous said...

Not according to the website, he's not. The mugshot is that of one Bob McC Esq. Perhaps STJ is their media spokesperson?