Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scoop rival

Most readers of this weblog would have heard of Scoop Media particularly as the blog originated from a weekly Scoop column.

Now there's another site that is also posting media releases - except that News24seven has a comments facility. Its run by Ian Wishart of Investigate Magazine.


Xavier said...

It's not as useful or user friendly as Scoop - quite poor layout, actually. It's just a blog of media releases

Frederick Aloysius Weld said...

All they've done is put press releases into a blog. Cheap and not that great. But I suppose Investigate readers will flock to it to put their views on things. It lacks consistency, and seems to be a cut-and-paste job directly from emails. Needs a lot of work. If a comment system on press releases was needed (and I don't think it is) then a better option would be to take the Scoop template and then add comments. But this way, yuck.

Uses the same template as Jordan, could be an interesting mix up there sometime!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so it isn't run by a *proper*
media professional, then? Sorry, still prefer Scoop...

Craig Y.