Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nick and Nicholas: Nicholas leaflets distributed at Auckland University

The New Zealand Herald reports that Nick Keesing is one of the people responsible in distributing leaflets with suppressed information in relation to the Louise Nicholas trial.

Didn`t Keesing either write or was linked to the "how-to-guide for drug rapists" article published in a certain university magazine last year? Someone will know. He's certainly written articles promoting drugs. Is he a bit of a stirrer?

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Anonymous said...

The anti-drug rape article was written to educate females not males. It was mildly inflammatory to gain the attention of the media so that(1) it would get read (2) headmasters and the like would disseminate the information to girls. If it had been written for males, it would have had a two-step kitchen-sink recipe for GBH. This would have been totally irresponsible and contrary to my good intent. Headmasters of girls schools rang Craccum staff to request copies for their pupils. marvellous stuff.
The reason why it got such bad press was because Evelyn Ashton, a former flatmate and presenter of 'Flopside', castigated the article without ever having read it. As she hated me, it was unlikely to get fair press on her television show and they slagged me on two other later occasions, maiiung their opinion of little worth as far as I was concerned. At one point, she illegally invited a viewer to come up and beat me up in the quad and told them on air where I (purportedly was). Several physical incidents resulted over the next three weeks, mostly involving chips, coffee and three rather weak punches to the back of the head by a disgruntled (maggot). Also there were hugs, congratulations, and the chance to spread my information on the radio, which I did.

The Critic article was plagiarised by Holly from my articles sent to her; I only found this out because suicide article Ben Thomas told me she had rung and confided this. I'm really glad she did it; I work in a Parnell night club and all the girls are really aware of the issue, and quite careful, a change from not so long ago. Someone has to provoke discussion and awareness.