Thursday, April 06, 2006

idiot new zealand blog

I've seen another idiot Kiwi blog that has posted that pamphlet of the Louise Nicholas case. The pamphlet writers can`t even spell one of the accused names correctly - "Schollum" . The blogger, who I am unable to name, wrote:
It is against the law for us to allow NZ readers to view this image of the now infamous Louise Nicholas leaflet (hosted on an American server), so if you live in NZ please don't look at it!

The bloggers concerned do read Big News. I have several things to say to them.

Firstly, it is irrelevant that your blog is hosted on an American server. You are breaking the law by publishing it. You write for a New Zealand audience. Please take your post down. It's irelelvant that you get just 130 hits a day. Is this a ploy to increase hits on your site? If you must, post the other pamphlet, which reads:

We believe Louise Nicholas
We have decided for the mean time not to distribute the information we believe should have been available to the jury of the latest police rape case brought by Louise Nicholas.

By way of education and publicity work, we will continue to challenge the culture of secrecy which surrounds police rape in this country.

Because of this system we can’t even tell you why we will not be distributing this information. We can tell you that the justice system seriously disadvantages rape survivors, putting their past on trial while hiding relevant information about the accused.

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