Friday, February 03, 2006

my space and the blogger who killed his girfriends parents

My space is a network of millions of people, blogs, and conversations worldwide - including New Zealanders - where you can also listen to the music they like, and, in some cases, play. Thousands of Kiwis have sites.

Here's an interesting story. Early one morning, Kara, a 14-year-old from the US, logged onto MySpace. A few hours later she allegedly stood by as her boyfriend David shot and killed her parents, after her parents said he couldnt see their daughter any more.

Hundreds of curious, savvy Web surfers found Kara and David's MySpace profiles and Xanga profilesIt didn't take long for reporters to begin doing the same thing to get information for stories - until some of the websites were shut down or password protected.

Look what happens when you try to access her screen shot. Whoa!

Full coverage of the case is here.

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Dr. Diggler said...

That case happened a bit ago here. It was *HUGE* news. I didn't know about the MySpace stuff, though.

Nice blog. I like it.

Have a nice day.