Friday, February 10, 2006

If you weren't aware - this Muslim is to blame

This man is responsible for the spread of the cartoons around the world. His name is Ahman Abu Laban.On April 28th 2003, Ahman Abu Laban joined a forum of 225 Islamist clerics, scholars, and businessmen in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia to form a new body of supporters of global Jihad against the United States and the "Crusader" West. Gateway Pundit has more

In November he traveled to the Mideast to set the region ablaze with anti-Denmark hatred - after the cartoons were already published. Maybe he was offended that Mohammad's face was published. Yet the Koran does not forbid publication of Mohammeds face - but for some reason many of the the followers of Allah seem to think it does.

Ahman Abu Laban took these three cartoons with him on his trip as well.None of these three were previously published. One was a poorly reproduced copy of an Associated Press photo taken at a French pig-squealing contest

Now, thanks to Ahmad Abu Laban, the whold world can see all the cartoons and pictures.Thanks to the Counter-terrorism blog, we can seehow this crusader lied to his fellow Muslim religious and political leaders in the Middle East.

The activism of Ahmad Abu Laban has cost lives, which is far far worse than publication of any cartoon. He is just an extremist adding fuel to fire.

Thanks to him, Indonesia cannot play badminton against Denmark.

Terrible. Just terrible.

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