Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Helen Clark finds South Park's Bloody Mary "revolting"

Yes, there's a bit of a stink being kicked up on a South Park programme to screen in May. It features a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary. Catholics are heavily protesting. They've even done a website to express their disapproval.

Our Prime Minister has even seen fit to comment. As a woman she thinks it is revolting and offensive.

I wonder if she would have thought it offensive if she was a man? She`d think it was a lot more revolting if she thought screening the episode would be likely to affect trade. She`d then advise C4 not to screen Bloody Mary.

Miss Clark thinks it is important to respect others beliefs. Perhaps it is even more important not to denigrate other beliefs on purpose.

South Park is a programme that obviously offends. But I wish Catholics would complain about South Park programmes denigrating Jesus, as much as Mary, then they`d be taken more seriously by some.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian, I saw the programme and I thought it was hilarious - up until the time they discussed Mary and had the blood scenes. I thought that was offensive, extremely bad taste, and there was no excuse for it. If I was a Catholic I would not listen to the Rock, the Edge, or eat at KFC ever again.