Thursday, February 23, 2006

Catholic Church promotes South Park

The Catholics couldnt have even promoted their church better. South Park usually gets about 30,000 viewers. Last night they got 220,000. I recon many of them were Catholics.

Most of the 220,000 wouldn't have even watched it if the Catholics had not made so much of a fuss. It will be interesting to see the ratings for next weeks show.

Unfortunately you cant complain about TV programmes to the Broadcasting Standards Authority until it has been aired. Nor can you successfully complain that South Park breached the Crimes Act by being blasphemous libel as some are attempting to do. Blasphemous libel only extends to published material - South Park wasn't published.

I think that you should be able to make a complaint to the BSA if you have evidence of what an offending programme should be about. If the Bloody Mary programme is deemed by the BSA to be offensive, and a complaint upheld, then it should be able to be upheld before screening, particularly as in this case the evidence is all over the Internet.

I really can't understand why Catholics don't complain about the Broadcasting Act. They can use this form to complain about the programme.

You don`t even have to have watched the programe to make a complaint. But it helps.

Anyway, Bloody Mary breached the standard of good taste and decency, as it was likely to offend a significant number of adult viewers. I guess any successful complaint would depend on how many viewers the authority considered would likely to have been offended. Given the amount of Catholics who watched it, probably quite a bit. Any fine probably won`t even cover the advertising revenue gleaned during the programme.

So, who watched South Park for the first time, last night?

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