Saturday, May 07, 2005

David Benson-Pope gets the Maxim Institute US$15,000

At last, David Benson -Pope can claim that the Maxim Institute is funded by American organisations. Well, at least winning prizes from liberal organisations as opposed to being funded by right wing fundamentalist ones.

Thanks to Benson-Pope's Civil Union Bill, the Maxim Institute received the second place Templeton Freedom Prize for Social Entrepreneurship for its "advocacy campaign around a Civil Union Bill that threatened government intervention in the intimate relationships of private citizens."

The prize - US $15,000. It's not the only award Maxim has won, either. Good to see that Benson-Pope has congratulated the Maxim Institute on its award…...

Maxim should put out a media release thanking Benson-Pope for the opportunity, while asking for another bill to advocate against.


Jordan said...

Shame the people who won that particular debate weren't a well funded think tank - otherwise they might have won a prize too.

Anonymous said...

What debate?

The list MP's voted according to Aunty Helen's word.

Openness, transparency, integrity, honesty, media spin, get real.