Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"By definition, I cannot lie"

Gee, it will be front page news when Helen Clark tells the truth for once. She has laid the blame on the negative reaction to tax cuts on the media and then claimed that Labour President Mike Williams was misquoted over him saying to a Herald reporter, "There's something in the Budget that is referred to as the deep, dark secret".
Questioned by the Herald about comments Mr Williams had made on another matter yesterday, Helen Clark said: "As he's told me that the words 'deep dark secret' were put to him by you and then attributed to him, I'm not going to take for granted what [you say] he may have said."

In the taped interview on the (tax) threshold issue, Mr Williams told the Herald: "I haven't heard any discussion about it at all. I mean there is some deep, dark secret in the Budget which keeps getting referred to as the deep, dark secret. Whether that's it I just don't know."

The tape confirms the Herald reporter never used the phrase.

It also confirms that Williams used it twice. Either Williams lied to Clark, or Clark lied to the media. Or both. I`ll leave it up to you to decide. Whatever, another day, another lie. That’s the Liarbour party for you.

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