Monday, May 16, 2005

About time

David Benson-Pope has stepped aside from his portfolios while an investigation is conducted into allegations concerning his use of discipline using tennis balls and other things while teaching at Bayfield High School. Just prior to the announcement tonight, he said he agreed with the decision of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) chief executive Karen Van Rooyen to resign.

These decisions mean that the NZQA accepts responsibility for the scholarship debacle. It’s a pity the Government doesn’t accept responsibility for the scholarship debacle as well.

Perhaps Benson -Pope's face should have also been on the montage below.
UPDATE (from Sir Humphreys and Stuff.) If you're wondering how the boy managed to fit a tennis ball in his mouth, it was first deflated by being pierced by an arrow. Benson-Pope apparently used this arrow+tennis ball gadget to whack students over the head. Also, one of the boys on the interview said Benson-Pope was the sort of guy who would walk up behind you and give you a bit of cuffo around the head. What a charmer. Can you think of anyone else best suited to being our Associate Minister of Education?

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