Monday, April 18, 2005

the parliamentary process

Interesting article in the Herald this morning noting that most people do not have trust in the Parliamentary process. I wonder haw many understand the process.

The article discussed a mail survey by Massey University, who sent out a list of questions concerning citizenship, democratic rights, republicanism and the role of the public service. Half those surveyed did not want New Zealand to become a republic and most of them could not trust the government to do what was right most of the time. But here's the interesting part:
70 per cent believed it was most unlikely that the Government would give serious attention to them if they tried to do something about a law they considered unjust or harmful.

Could it really be true that 30 percent of those surveyed were gay, or from minority groups?

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Lewis said...

As is the case with most of these surveys, they've not released the actual numbers surveyed, or the Questions asked. The Massey website states that 50% of New Zealanders wanted to have the 'Queen of England' as the Head of State - this indicates that the question skewed the result in favour of the monarchy on the general good feeling towards the current Monarch. In other words, they actually weren't asking whether New Zealand should become a republic.