Friday, April 01, 2005

Capill pleads guilty to sex abuse

Well, it's good that former CHP leader Graham Capill pleaded guilty today to sexually abusing a minor several times, understood to be aged eight at the time. The eight- year-old girl was in bed in her pyjamas on some occasions. (See earlier comments below) The confession means that we can finally name him as suppression is lifted. However the person he abused will never be named. I have heard a couple of accounts of the relationship between the two. I was also aware that Capill worked as a Police prosecutor. His job seems stuffed now.
Brainfade actually broke the suppression order by naming him on Sunday.

Watch for those in the gay community to gloat. The CHP website is getting a few more hits today - and the party has has already deleted just about everything on its site referring to him. I guess its time the CHP deleted Capill's name as the admin contact name for the CHP site at the New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited.

I`ll add to this post when I have more time.


Anonymous said...

Shocked to hear that news. But in reflection it may cast some light on the leadership wranglings the CHP had after the last election.

On the assault - from the media reports, Graham Capill didn't come out of it well - reports of cowering or whimpering (I can't remember the exact words), and the assaulter clearly lacked any sense or self-restraint. However, Capill's lawyer came out of it looking great. The nature of the assault made it seem very likely that the charges were in fact going to be upheld.

I can see secular media having a field day, ie Christians are so repressive about sex to cover up what they are doing behind closed doors. Maybe true in one case, but one case no matter how high profile does not give cause for any generalisation

Anonymous said...

I'm not gloating about Capill's downfall, but it does raise some interesting questions about tolerance of clergy paedophilia and sexual violence within evangelical churches, Dave. And accountability toward abuse survivors. I've just written a Gaynz.Com article on that subject.

And look at Deb Coddington's Paedophile and Sex Offender Index. Capill is not alone.


Anonymous said...

God Dave you’re such a victim. The gays are always out to get you arent they...
Man, why should the gay community not gloat about this one? For years they have suffered torrents of abuse and hatred from you whacked out Christians, and suddenly it turns out you guys aint so holy after all

Get over yourself