Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Labour's list

Here is the Labour list for 2005

Darren Hughes and Mita Ririnui made the biggest jumps as compared with the 2002 list, each jumping up 17 places. Mark Gosche took the biggest hit, jumping down 19 places. George Hawkins, according to One Network News, refused his 25 the spot on the list and so he is not even on the list. He was 15th in 2002.

Just nine people had the same list placings, including Moana Mackey (at 41, the MP with the lowest list ranking) and most of the top seven placings save Margaret Wilson who has jumped to third, replacing Jonathan Hunt.

Seven women are in the top 20, the same as in 2002, except this time Dalziel and Mahuta are replaced by Judith Tizard and Ruth Dyson, who were 21 and 22 in 2002.

Maryann Street got a high placing (36) as did Waitangi Fisheries Commission chairman
Shane Jones (27), who looks set to enter Parliament. Parekura Horomia also did well, retaining his fifth spot.

Janet Mackey and Mark Peck (who was convicted for drunk driving today), and list MP Helen Duncan are retiring at the election, as is of course Jonathan Hunt.

What this means is that we could have three new Labour MP's after the election.

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