Saturday, March 12, 2005

The brain drain

The NZ Herald reportsthat almost a quarter of New Zealand's most highly skilled people have left the country - the biggest exodus of skilled workers from any developed nation. This brain drain is 10 times worse than Australia's, and could be even higher as the OECD report excludes expats to countries outside the OECD.

There are more New Zealanders outside the country (464,465), than Australians outside Australia (328,405). That’s because there are 355,765 Kiwis in Australia. However only 56,142 Australians live here.

The report noted that expatriates who leave both countries are even more highly educated than the immigrants, and better qualified than expats from anywhere else, except the US and Japan.

So why is this happening? Several reasons: low wages, student debt and the policies of this current Government.

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Anonymous said...

Go Ruth Richardson!!
Remember back when she touted the Employment Contracts Act as a way to keep New zealand wages low and so attract foreign investment to boost our economy?
Good old New Zealand and it's people, subjected to the "economic experiment" no one else wants to try out in their own country!!
We should be encouraging highly skilled, highly paid workers here instead of depressing wages and keeping people in poverty and unaffordable debt!