Thursday, November 18, 2004

What would I do?

Labour party supporter Jordan Carter, in comments, does not like people complaining about "my party" (as he calls it). And plenty of people have great need to complain now, particularly about the process or ramming through the Foreshore and Seabed bill. Jordan asks "*what* are you going to do differently?"

First, this from Cullen today:
"Dr Cullen savaged the opposition today as the committee stage debate began.

"They're going to bash their gums for the next 24 hours with absolutely no purpose. They don't understand the bill and don't understand the law," he said

Arrogant prick.

MP's dont like being kept in the dark about things they feel they should know about. Remember when Helen Clark was kept in the dark about a certain John Campbell interview. She called him a "little creep"

Who's the "little creep" now?

Anyway, to not answer the question - just like a good MP - here's what I wouldn’t do:

If I was Helengrad, I wouldn’t steamroll over democracy. I wouldn't rush into urgency over things that weren't urgent. I wouldn’t prevent opposition parties having the opportunity of scrutinising and understanding a bill - and a new 120 page Supplementary Order Paper - they are supposed to vote on. I wouldn’t ignore public submissions to a select committee,especially oral ones, and I wouldn’t be so arrogant to criticise them either.

I would have appealed the Court of Appeal ruling instead of legislating it away similar to what they did with Harry Duynhoven's citizenship kerfuffle. Consequently I wouldn't have quit access to the Privy Council until after the appeal was heard. I would have made an attempt to understand the Treaty of Waitangi and hada public discussion on it . I would take into account the comments from the United Nations.

I would also be honest and transparent. Something that Helengrad and her dictatorship is constantly falling short on in both counts.

If Labour and NZ First party supporters are not appalled by the unjust, arrogant and roughshod process of the Foreshore and Seabed bill, they should really consider whether they are supportive of democracy at all.

I wonder what Jordan Carter would have done differently, given his apparent support of democracy.

update Actually, if I was Helen Clark, I`d probably reinstate John Tamihere as Minister of Yoof Affairs after he is found guilty, take Ruth Dyson to the pub and ask her to drive home, reinstate Lianne Dalziel because she was a hardworking and conscientious - albeit lying - minister. I would make Ashraf Choudhury the chief whip and make Harry Dynhoven the Minister of Immigration. I would ask Donna Awatere- Huata if she'd like to join the party and take the place of Police Minister George Hawkins - but I`d wait until today's court decision - and then I`d speed off in my limousine and go back to signing paintings I didn't paint.


Anonymous said...

Urgency has it's place but the spirit of the act is being broken by people who actually have little integrity.

sure it's not illegal but it's not right.
But then when did helen allow not right get in her way.

When she legislated the right to adults to decide how their property was divied up after bonking each other for 3 yrs as just one instance.

The sadness is national would do the same showing that there's no difference between them.

On similar note I'd like to see a 3 or 7 day waiting period between delivering the documents and actually debating a bill so that the other parties can properly prepare and all new zealanders can be represented in an informed way by their representatives.

this to mean not extra supplementary papers in that time period either.

The public voted for MMP but neither of the parties actually honour the intent nor spirit of the public's wishes through the bill/system.

which says a lot about politicians or does it say a lot about us as they are supposed to represent who we are as people?

maybe we're a nation of liars and hypocrites?


peasant said...

Dave, I bow to your mastery of the sarcastic art of bloggery. This one was a classic! Can't fault any of your points.

Politicians are highly competitive creatures that play to win, using any tactic available. Ethics are very secondary, only used as a tool to make one appear virtuous to the sheeple. Eternal Overlord and Dictator Helen is simply the most gifted politician in the country. She knows how to get her way. Much to my chagrin.

Jordan said...

People have every right to complain about the Labour Party; they will do so from now until Kingdom Come, just as people will do the same about National. It's water off a duck's back, really - politics is politics, and it pays not to get too angry or upset about one's opponents' attacks.

I think the govt has every right to use urgency to get its programme through. There may well be more urgency before the end of the year; there may well be more late SOPs. I have already said that in a perfect world, neither would be necessary. It is lamentable that the world is not perfect.

That said, "democracy" was not interrupted. All MPs had the chance to have the debate. The fact it finished on Thursday afternoon, rather than Friday night, indicates they just weren't that interested in talking about it. Whose fault is that? The government's fault? I don't think so...

The laughable part of your post is that you prate on about honesty. You are no more - or less - honest than the people you are criticising. You spin as much - or as little - as the rest of us.