Wednesday, November 03, 2004

United Future stick up it's hand

Now this is one good policy from United Future and deserves a lot more support than it is getting.

And this was coming It's amazing it took so long, but had Judith Collins not watered down her SOP on abortion, United Future would not have felt the need to act on this. So why doesn’t United Future do an SOP on the Care of Children s Bill stating that ALL children must have the opportunity to have a legal father and a legal mother - including kids born from sperm donors.

Because that's what some United Future MP's prefer..

Perhaps Murray Smith can tell me.


Anonymous said...

It failed.

Last night, Parliament rejected both the Collins and
Murray Smiths' SOPs by considerable margins (74-45)/
(94-25). Clearly, our elected representatives preferred to listen to coalface medical practitioners, rather than anti-abortion ideologues.

Can't say I'm sorry about that outcome.


Anonymous said...

Craig, these two votes were not really about a politician's view of abortion, but nore about whether parents need to be informed if their daughters are pregnant.

POliticians have decided to keep the status quo - but it will be interesting to see how many MP's supported the SOP's that have kids, and the proportion who voted for the status quo who do not have kids such as Maharey, Clark, Beyer, Barnett, etc.

Perhaps something to look into Craig.