Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Oh god, I`m religious

An article in the Herald on Sunday by Times columnist Julie Burchill has pissed off a lot of Catholics. The Herald on Sunday is not online, but the article is here. Here's an excerpt.
It is a fact that religions which display an unhealthy fascination with policing the sexual conduct of their flocks -particularly the females -seem to have very little energy or interest left in fighting real evil; witness the Catholic Church's indulgence of monsters, from the Borgias through the Nazis to the IRA.

Even before the current plague of Papist paedophilia became public knowledge, I was instinctively repelled by the idea of Catholicism -usually the religion of choice for over-worldly writers who have come to believe that too much knowledge is a bitter thing. It has always struck me as an incredibly dirty-minded religion, seeing sex everywhere instead of in just the few places where sex created by God, of course, actually is. All that harping on about celibacy, virginity, fornication, original sin; it was bound to end in tears, and in the dreadful reality of a whole generation of Catholic priests so decimated by Aids and child molesting that recruitment to the Catholic priesthood in the West has all but ceased to exist.

Gee, expect a few letters to the editor of the Herald on Sunday from angry Catholics on that. Not a good read before Mass, I guess.


Anonymous said...


Just another lunatic liberal from England (they have plenty of them at the moment) who fails to see past the end of their own nose.

The article is actually an amazing example of speaking and removing all doubt........

peasant said...

Yet another intemperate anti-Christian rant, exhibiting all the prejudice & bigotry of which she accuses the Church.

"remove the plank from your own eye before removing the mote from your neighbour's ..."

The author must be completely oblivious to the "real evil" that the church *is* suffering and fighting against.

Where do these troglodytes come from!?

peasant said...

Funny how such authors are a lot more circumspect about condemning radical Islam. I guess mass murder doesn't count as a sin in the relativistic liberal value structure

Anonymous said...

But she's right Dave.

Where are the cardinals and arch bishops whop Hid the bastrds for years now.

I don't see them in court saying "mea culpa"

I choked on my tea reading that sanctimonious cardinal the other day saying we are heading for a moral waste ground.

These guys didn't just wake up one morning and say "ohh I fancy a bit of chicken" like some do in NAMBLA.

They stewed with this and positioned their victims and groomed them over time.
then when they got caught they got moved to other parishes sometimes without telling the new parents why they were moved.

Thats why I won't have a bar of a catholic telling me whats what about society and morals.

when the leaders who alloowed this to go on and on fess up and put their hands up and appear in the dock.
no matter their position, parish recorder, archdeacon, preist bishop ordinary council meber.
who ever knew and didn't make sure the perps went before the courts.

and then the ordinary catholics who haven't fronted up to their leaders and said "right you lot own up or we are off"
and then do it.

why hasn't it happened.
why has this situation gone on for so long?

I'll tell you, because so many worship the catholic church and all she stands for before their God.
their liturgy,
the special rules the other Christians don't adhere to.
the pope.
mary the mother of Jesus.
the cathecism
the buildings

not the first commandment.
and they even rewrote the secopund to suit their idolotry.

so when all gets said and done.
why should anyone listen to them.
would they die for us?

would they do the right thing for the kids and their families?