Sunday, November 28, 2004

The fasting pastor

A Tauranga pastor is going on a fast - a limited fast - in opposition to the foreshore and seabed, civil unions and hate crimes.

Check out the name of this pastor. Steve Trim. I`m sure he`ll be a lot trimmer after 40 days and 40 nights of fasting.

But he`s not going to start his fast until early next year. Perhaps that's because if he starts now he`ll miss out on his Christmas dinner. But check this out.
The fast Mr Trim intends to go on will not mean completely abstaining from food, but he would give up something for the 40-day period

Like chocolate perhaps. Or the odd meal or two. So why can't Mr Trim start now and just eat Christmas dessert and miss out on the turkey - with all the "trimmings". His fast sounds a bit like a person who calls himself celibate - but has sex every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

If the church was really serious about the rest of the country they'd already be on 3 days absolute fast and staying of work and school to ensure it too.

But they aren't as they're so comfortable.
How about it Dave
can you handle an absolute fast like Esther called?

did your pastor call one?
has the local fraternal called one?
what about the archbishops and all the other bigwigs?

This isn't about parliament.
The ultimate authority according to Christians isn't here on earth but in heaven, or so they say.
Do we see them seriously petitioning their God?

How can they expect anyone to take them seriouly?