Tuesday, October 12, 2004

who is right?

Okay read this

Then read this

Who do you agree with - and why?


Anonymous said...


I'm for Bill
All his points.

as for David
None of his


Anonymous said...

I agree with Bill.

His wife has to deal with it, thus he has some knowledge of the reality of the situation. Many of the Labour Party promoting this Bill have no children - they don't know what they are talking about.

Finally, any attempt to place a wedge between the parents and the child is a clear breach of human rights and common sense. But then when has abortion legislation ever been common sense?

Frit said...

There is no facet of life where Labour don't believe that they know best. For christs sake - if there was ever an example of when the family are the solution (state sponsered therapist by invitation only) - then this is it.

I'm with Bill, provide support by all means, but have some faith in the family unit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bill. One thing that struck me the other day is that (outside of incest, rape) it was the girl's choice to involve herself in sex. This sort of irresponsibility should not be further protected by the law. Teenage girls (and younger) should face up to their parents for their own best interests - discipline may be painful now but it always works out for the best in the long term. Why on earth does the Government want to preclude that?

An abortion is just the girl's attempt to hide her mistake from her parents, and to boot, the girl is ending the life of the unborn baby. What a disgustingly cheap reason to end a life.


Anonymous said...

I agree with David- hello? What about incest-induced pregnancies,
or date rape-induced pregnancies? And as Mary English was
previously associated with Doctors for Life and the Family
Education Network, sorry, I have doubts about her objectivity.


Anonymous said...

Doubts about Mary English's objectivity?
Pot calling the kettle black Craig.....
By the way, how's that "PhD" you were doing at Massey? That was a nice objective piece of work.....

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, D, old mate. This is just increasing the
amount of damages that I'll claim from you under the
Harrassment Act... which I haven't forgotten about, by
the way. I'm just waiting for the right moment...


Anonymous said...

Be clear here you open yourself to comment.
warranted or not by posting.
I don't consider what he said harrassment.

what was this PHd about?
what is the subject matter?
Can I find it online to read?

can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

I got sidetracked.
Again you use the canard about the incest rapes.

why ?
How many are there in NZ a year/10 yrs?
as a % of total rapes/child rapes?

come on put up or shut up.
If that is what The other post is refering to about "objectivity" then I can understand him making it.

You certainly annoy me the way you state this perticular "fact" with no substancesive facts or sources to back it up.

I'd love you to give us the figures in NZ for child abuse and the % out of the population who do it.
How many males/females
who they do it to males /females

I know that there is a lot of it about and most people in society choose to be heterosexual (what 90-98%)
I read a horrifying account of text sex pests and young teenage girls in the paper on Sunday.

So let's divide the total figures that they commit into that and what % they are of society.

Then let's look at Homosexual rape/abuse (man on boy or youth) as a % of the total figures.
and now look at them in relation to their % (1-3) in society.

What % of child abuse/rape do Homosexuals and Heterosexuals commit bearing in mind their actual % of the whole society?

I read an article by Dr Judith Reisman (who you outed as a person of no consequence due to her harranging the Kinsey institute) on this very subject with the figures for the USA. in her articles section.

As a scholar do you agree with Kinsey's methodology by the way for his first book?

I mean how do you actually work out a 2yrs olds orgasms let alone over a 24hr period?

Is it being honest knowing someone is digitally or penally violating a small child to then use that data as legitimate science?

I've got the book, I do recommend you read it if you haven't.
Especially when you consider that much of the sexology part of psychotheraphy comes out of it as a base to work from.

This is the same American Psychiatric Association who last year published in their peer reviewed missives the statements that "some of their members don't consider it wrong nor dangerous for an adult to have sex with a child if the child consents"!

Yep the same ones who in 1993 took Paedophilia out of the decease book

looking forward to your reply with % for NZ.