Sunday, September 19, 2004

Stick it, Kerry

Local body election campaigning is under way, some billboards are up, others have been smashed down. Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast has her own "stick with Kerry" billboard, but someone should really twink out the letters w and h.

Here's why. Of the largest eight councils, Wellington has the highest average residential rates in the country, with the second highest projected residential rates rise to boot. It has the most expensive council rubbish bags in the country. In Wellington, you need written permission to keep a goat, a permit to sell your car on the side of the road, and you have to cough up to $4 an hour to park your car in the city. Well, unless you are a councillor, of course, because then you get free parking.

Of the eight biggest councils, in terms of population, Wellington comes sixth, after Auckland, Christchurch, Manakau, North Shore and Waitakere. Yet Kerry collects the fourth largest mayoral salary, a few dollars less than Manakau City mayor Sir Barry Curtis. In contrast, the population of Auckland city is 2.5 times larger, it has a lower average residential rate, with rubbish charges included in the rates.

Now that the Council has decided to lower the number of councillors from 19 to 14 - well, the Local Government Commission told it to - it needs to now reduce the salary of the mayor. More importantly, the candidates need to explain to voters what they would do if re-elected, rather than levying ratepayers to tell us what they like about the city and why they think it’s a great place to live.

Then more than half the population may consider voting in local body elections.

However despite the above, Kerry will waltz home as mayor, purely because there is no decent opposition, and half the residents don`t care about local body politics anyway.

But they`ll moan when the rates go up.


Nigel Kearney said...

I agree. Kerry is awful and the alternatives are even worse. We need noseplugs for voting like the French used when they elected Chirac over Le Pen.

Then there is the nonsense emitted by Richard Florida that the entire council seems to have fallen for.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to leave Kerry blank
on my forms and I suggest anyone else do the same.

What I would like to know is Who else is part of her little cabal from Stop the wall time when we came to Wtn in 1997?

As I want to leave them blank too!!

Mark Blumsky wasn't the only one driving the waterfront issue with her now was he?

Waterfront watch doesn't have a website with this info on it do they?