Monday, September 06, 2004

Rebel submission

Labour MP Nanaia Mahutu has made a submission to the select committee opposing the foreshore and seabed legislation

If public servant Haami Piripi almost lost his job for doing the same thing, why then are public servants forced to be apolitical when Government MP's don’t even have to toe the party line?

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Anonymous said...

As I disagree with the government over the
seabed and foreshore legislation, I agree
with you about Piripi. On the other hand,
Labour is probably reacting to the Bolger
and Shipley administrations of the nineties,
and its lack of control over independent
and unaccountable public sector executives.

Added to which, I suspect that containing the
Maori Party is a predominant factor in Nanaia's
freedom of action over the seabed and foreshore