Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More ministerial quotes

"NZ Idol has allowed hundreds of thousands of young New Zealanders to get into the music industry"
from Steve Maharey Hat-tip to Russell Brown.

Hundred's of thousands? Could Maharey have meant that that hundred's of thousands bought the Ben Lummis CD. Yes, that's what I think he meant. Or perhaps he meant that hundreds of thousands watched TV and used their cellphones to waste their money texting NZ Idol.

And another:
"I say to the member, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, just stay “Loyal” to New Zealand music."

Very funny indeed, "Pineapple Head" - did you get Judith Tizard to do some research for you? We "Cant Get Enough" of silly statements by MP's lately.
"It's Only Natural" that this "Stuff and Nonsense" comes from the broadcasting MP who is not likely to have heard much of Rhombus, would never be seen dead at a Pacifier concert and probably thought Peking Man was from China and The Datsuns became famous in New Zealand.

Yet he wants MP's to stay loyal to NZ Music. Now that's a point. What did he do to prevent our top artists such as the Datsuns, Pacifier, Fur Patrol, Brooke Fraser, etc going overseas to live - or does he think staying loyal mean funding the concert programme which plays mainly overseas artists.

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Anonymous said...

The concert programme actually plays a lot of music composed in NZ. You can tell when it's on by the lack of any discernable melody, rhythm or pleasurable sound.