Saturday, September 11, 2004


What the "w" in George W Bush stands for...
(give you a clue - it's not "wonderful")


Anonymous said...

Witless Wordmangling
Warmongering Worrisome
Windbag Weirdo
Wriggler Welfare-Slashing
Well-Worn Wretched
Wormridden Wasted (on coke, or alcohol?)
Woeful Wrecked (See above)

...are a few of the polite possibilities

:) Craig

Nigel Kearney said...

What letter does the other guy's middle name start with?

The 'glass houses' proverb has never been more appropriate.

Dave said...

John Kerry's middle name begins with F
(okok I know what you`re thinking....)

Anonymous said...

You don't.
Fanciful, fantasy, foolish, fractious, fotid, fumbler
Forgetful, fart, flippant, frivolous, faccine, fascist
famulus, fanatic, fake, farcical, farouche, feaces, facile
facade, factless, faction, factitious, fade, failure
fag end, fain, feckless, frankenstein, fraud, fritterer

now I need a dictionary
I don't support GWB but really if you want Kerry as President you must hate Americans and the western world.
Or you're stupid.
but then some people are, aren't they?