Monday, September 27, 2004

as long as you`re in, celibate, or married, you`re OK

I was in Christchurch until today and the big news during the weekend was the Presbyterian Church deciding not to let those in a sexual relationship outside marriage train for ministry or be future leaders of the Church. Previously individual parishes were able to make a decision to let gay and de facto partners lead a church - and many have. The church called it "a way forward on homosexual people in church leadership". But why emphasise homosexuals when straight unmarried people in relationships are under the same rules?

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Anonymous said...

Well there you have it Dave, Hypocrisy.

Whether you're in or out of the "system" you are either in complience with scripture and God or not.

This only applies to those who claim they are Christian not unbelievers.
Because you are Jesus's slave for want of a term, His vassel as He is your King. fullstop. period. end of discussion. 100% or not.

But that doesn't apply when you want to please man and not God.
Ezek 33:1-15 gives clear warning to all ordinary Christians let alone the leaders of a denomination or fellowship.

1Cor chapters 5,6,7 covers all the behaviour you want that is incompatible with
1. Being a Christian
2. Living the Christian life
3. Discipling others who claim to be running the race too.

That all those in leadership who "turn a blind eye" to behaviour both Homosexual and Heterosexual are standing in the place of calling God a liar.
Worse still, they are in rebellion to Him.(witchcraft)

The best thing for all people who claim to Love Jesus (ie true Christians) is to leave their denominations and meet in house fellowships in their local setting if that is what they have allowed over themselves and families.

This should be with other Christians no matter their past affiliation of course, the church is the people not denom.
and it meets in homes (act20.20) and locally in an area (ie Karori).

They should as a matter of course protect their own salvation and fulfill Ezek 33 and 34 at the same time by doing this.

On the last day many will hear Jesus saying "get away from me, I never knew you" as they are lukewarm and He will spit them out of His mouth.

Many of them will have been leaders who led people astray by their not disciplining people who broke with scripture for fear of man.

They will also be people who legitamise a denomination or fellowship by their continued presence and support when the leaders have clearly gone against the bible as is the case with sexual behaviour outside of marriage.

Marriage is defined in gen 2.24,25 as a man and a woman.
it's very clear cut and on the last day no one is going to quote research or opinions from learned people as the truth of their hearts will be laid bare.

so if you're in a church or fellowship that endorses, condones or turns a blind eye to sexual behaviour or any of the behaviours in 1Cor 5,6,7 then get out NOW.