Monday, September 13, 2004

Abortion II

One way around having all kids notifying their caregivers if they plan to have an abortion is for the girl to appeal before a Family or District Court judge to prevent her parents being told. The proposal is in Collins' SOP. Some Family Court hearing when the purpose of the court hearing is to exclude the family. Heh. GP's don't like this either. Perhaps that’s because a judge is no more qualified to make that decision than a GP - or a school counsellor for that matter. And what happens when the parents find out that their daughter has been to court?

Look, if kids don’t want to have abortions there's one easy answer: Don't get pregnant. The Family Planning Association - or more appropriately, the Sexual Activity Association - tells kids to use take the pill or use condoms. Yet you wonder why when they say in the same breath that over a 10-year period, 30 out of 100 people who have sex regularly will end up getting pregnant- and condom failure is even worse.

Have they ever thought to tell kids not to have sex?
Nah, probably not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave

What planned parenthood don't tell you is that Condoms don't protect you from Std's.
Don't believe me?

Go to

look under articles and then scroll down to
The hazardous condom.

After you've read that like me you'll want to puke every time you see the good Dr Greer and her minions on TV giving their considered professional opinions about being safe when having sex.

Chlamydia is infecting 12-20% of our young people depending on who you believe.
Condoms don't stop Chlamydia, full stop.

wonder if any young girls who are barren can sue the good doctor and her minions for lots of dosh.
I mean they should be giving the very bestr professional advice shouldn't they?
I mean it's our money paying for it.

so what's a few lives trashed.

personally I favour "if you can't guarentee bringing up a kid for 20 yrs tie aknot in it.
for the bi product of sex is babies and if you aren't prepared to bring a child into fruition you shouldn't be dipping your wick or allowing one to be dipped in you.

I know that's "old fashioned" but abortion is not just another medical procedure china.

Someone dies.

The baby!!

That baby who if left in situ and the mother looking after herself for 9 months should come out the other end and could even be another Helen Clark for NZ.

Oh shit I said the wrong thing now didn't I?

alright pick a name.
Johathan Hunt

did I spell that right?


Anonymous said...

"Don't have sex."

Well, incest survivors have little choice about
that, don't they? Have you forgotten about the
teenage Irish girl that was raped by an adult
male friend of her family, and who had to endure
the ordeal of having Ireland's anti-abortion
fanatics playing god with her body? Even though
she was suicidal?

And why don't the anti-abortionists tell the full story about anti-minor laws? Too bad if a confused
early teen girl can't go to her nanna and/or grandad
because her mum and/or dad is/are violent and abusive
drunkards and they'd beat her up if they knew she was pregnant. They wouldn't be able to, under *parental* consent and notification laws. Neither would a concerned mainline clergyperson. Neither would a concerned teacher. It's all about enforcing particular religious beliefs against abortion, not the welfare of minors at all.

National has proven to me once again that it must be excluded from political power and responsibility by appointment of that stupid ideologue
to a frontline Cabinet portfolio.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry china
you're advocating the sidelining of all parents right because a small few are idiots and shouldn't have children is wrong.

My arguement has nothing to do with religion funnily enough but all to do with the child and first prize for them.


What's the best environment for bringing a child into it's fruition as a person.
well thats what we aim for as first choice.
not second choice or third.

call a spade a spade and be truthful and honest.

You're arguement doesn't protect all children neither does it honour all the vast majority of decent people who do their job with their families.

You sacrifice their rights and responsibilities with no clear legal process that meets natural law??

Get real.
The abusive parent
How are they going to be stopped by your hiding everything.

Confrontation is not a bad thing.
In fact it is needed for the events to stop.
don't go all wussy
that's not Love for the abused child!!!

There are supposed to be consequences for actions.
you take that reality away from the abuser.

usually only until something more tragic (if you can say that) like the death of the child happens.
thats because of your PC crappology worldview.

We are all inteconnected, Yeah??

So lets make it happen.
you screw with your kid you answer to me too.
I'm part of this society too you know.

You affect me and my family too.
all the money we pay for your screwed up kids later on in lost work time, dyafunctional families, sexual diseases, nada nada nada.

you owe us...........

and we will hold you responsible for your actions.
and yes it will be messy sometimes.
thats real life.

but it has to be done.
not be swept under the carpet by a bunch of cowards who won't face reality.
and send these kids back into the same environment to be further abused.

yeah I am
and it's not religion mate.
it's wussy ideas like yours
that hurt and continue the hurt again and again.
you are worse that the abusive parents.

because you coem in the superior attitude that your really there for the child but you're not.

you're there for you ideology.

I spent years visiting the same houses every week.
again and again rescuing women and kids from abusers.
hiding it with this law is not LOVE.
being called into school (all classes of people) to facilitate the child protection unit to investigate.

don't tell me its about religion.
abuse has no boundaries.
if you had my life exoperience you'd know that.
so get your head read.
then get right.

It is wrong to take the rights of a lawful many away from them on the specious arguement of the so called rights of a minor.
when you then put that minor back into the environment again with no come backs on the abusing adults.

As for your comment about National
I could make the same comments about Labour too and worse.
as they are hypocrites in that they say they come in the name of the ordinary person and want to enslave people more so they will have to vote for them.

I have never voted for National but on this one they are absolutely right just as Laire whats her name was on parental leave.
it was the right thing and everyone should have got behind her instaed of bagging her.
same thing here.

but what is really at stake here is an ideology that exalts the state over the family and individual.
thats bollocks.
and that is a matter of religion.

Dave said...

Advice on "not having sex" meant consesual sex - as opposed to incest or rape. Of course you knew that anyway, didnt you

Anonymous said...

Yes, David, but what about the fact that young
incest survivors will *still* be forced to
negotiate a so-called judicial bypass?

And what if the parents are abusive, dysfunctional
and irresponsible in this context?


Anonymous said...

Word News, a ministry aimed at connecting the secular media with Christian church and ministry leaders, has covered this extensively on its Web site, Check the latest story on how a pro-life group kept an abortion ship from docking in Portugal.
Http:// is the link

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right the child will have to go through the judicial review.
That is a consequence, this happens in life.
a victim in court goers through the same and especially a rape victim.
this is necessary for justice to be done and seen to be done not just for the victim.

the fact that this is a child is not a reason to not do it.
Properly walked through by whanua and other family the child can come to healing and growth.

To avoid this may seem to being to do the "right thing"
To not it is a worse abuse of the child in my opinion.