Sunday, August 29, 2004

Propoganda machine

DPF's site has been attacked by a few Destiny church followers - with one even posting from - and it wasn’t Brian who was doing it. After 260 comments DPF has close the post.

Here's one of the funnier ones - anagaram's for "Brian Tamaki - Destiny Church"

This crackbrained humanity
I'm a dirty nastier hunchback
Dumb antichristian hackery
I am the hardy brainsick c*nt.
Hairy rabid mutant chickens.
Rather bandy thick musician.
I'm a brainy chicken, sad truth.
Mucky brain and rich atheist.
Christ! In a mucky brain death.
The sick, bad, human irritancy.
The insanitary, bad, rich muck.

I promise not to write about Destiny ever again. Some people who go there seem cultish. Off to do my assigment….

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