Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Is Brian Tamaki biblical?

There's a discussion on tithing with reference to Brian Tamaki over here on the Reality forumthat Russell has pointed out.

It is Destiny policy for everyone to give one tenth of gross income to the church. But if Tamaki had time to stop his Harley and read his Bible, he will find out that giving in the New Testament is voluntary, not mandatory. The word "tithe" is not in the New Testament. That's because tithing in the Old Testament was seen as a tax to upkeep the Levite priests - a bit like what we pay to the IRD. So paying gross income as a tithe is unbiblical, as part of that income has already gone to IRD.

Furthermore, it is actually more biblical to erase your debts than to tithe. Do Destiny leaders preach this?

This, from former Destiny leader C.T. Moore, who left Destiny in disgust.:
"They make voluntary giving a "mandatory" thing and put "guilt" on naïve, simple, usually poorer, and less educated people by playing on their consciences and good heartedness. They also put a spin on the message that says you will end up blessed and prosperous like them if you obey the tithing principles and submit to their authority. The former idea gives the victim some sense of hope of course, but the latter ensures you do not seek to know the truth! It is also dishonest and unscholarly use of the bible to enforce this belief system on a person which activates a desired response.

These tithe teaching churches declare to the IRD that the income is all from "free will giving" to prevent paying taxes on any "mandatory type" club fees or levies so they can come under the charitable trust banner."

Brian Tamaki is on record as saying that Jesus commands that we give to the church. However that is not in the New Testament. To tell people "Hey, this is what Jesus tells you to do," when Jesus never said it - there is no excuse that can be offered for this.

Jesus' commands were that giving is to be to the poor. Anything that is given to the church was a freewill offering - ranging from 0% upwards.

Enough is enough. Demand a refund!

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