Tuesday, August 10, 2004

carrying on from yesterday...

Here is the Christchurch School of Medicine report on prostitution. The report said that nine of the 78 street prostitutes interviewed - 11% - were under 18.

Maxim has also corrected this page after my post yesterday.They read my site almost every day, according to the stats. The Maxim page originally said that a third of street prostitutes in Christchurch were under 18.
Yet the NZ Rationalists maintained there were 12 under the age of 18. How very rational!

And an interesting comment from MP Judith Tizard about the kids on Destiny's recent "Enough is Enough" March in Auckland who were standing up to the "bad people" - as reported in the SST. Tizard's comments are at Fionnaigh's blog

I was working in Helen Clark's electorate office in 1984-7 and had to cope with the most amazing anger and abuse from people opposed to the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, who felt free to ring and threaten Fran, Helen and/or me with verbal assault, physical violence or eternal damnation. It was a very weird time and I also got dozens of calls from very frightened people who had been forced to sign the Anti petition as you descibe. The not-suprising follow up has been the number of people since who admit to being violently opposed to the reform then who now realise that they are glbt and that that was why they were so angry and frightened then. I wonder what devils are frigtening Mr Tamaki?

Fionnaigh is an intersting person, when she was 13 she came out as bisexual. Then she came out as a lesbian. Then she decided she was a theoretical lesbian but a practicing bisexual. Then she started calling herself trisexual because she kept falling in love with gay men, straight women, and trannies. Then she decided she didn’t believe in sex or gender. Then she started dating an intersex transgender woman.

But get this - she currently teaches Sunday School.

Wow, she's done it all really..and its all on her site.

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