Monday, August 23, 2004

Benson- Pope has proof that Destiny tells the kids to hate

I have been talking to Benson-Pope's office. They've seen the blog. The post where Benson-Pope has the proof. Proof ragarding Destiny kids that "they are clearly told it is alright to hate". Proof that the "extreme right-wing Maxim Institute publicly denies any connection with fundamentalist American organisations yet whose staff members are inextricably linked to them".

Inextricably linked, note.

Pete Coleman, from Benson-Pope's office has even told me he is considering emailing me that proof.

I`m still waiting.

If, or when I get that proof, I`ll be letting you know.


Anonymous said...

The Government is going to some lengths to try and discredit ANY objections to its CUB legislation.

Anonymous said...

This isn't even the beginning, Helen Clark said in The Advocate "that one day people won't think this way"

When these bills go through Tim Barnett and Helen Clark will nearly be there.
The next thing is the hate crimes bill then anyone who quotes scripture or an opinion that is contrary to their wishes will be prosecuted.

Not only that they'll set CYPS on you as you'll not be suitable to bring up your children you hater!!

And don't forget once these laws are in it's open season on your kids in school.
Single sex relationships/marriage is ok, what do you mean your mummy and daddy say that.
It's ok by the law what does that tell you about your mummy and daddy class?

Roll on the persecution, now we'll see who really is in the church for real.
Read "Heavenly man" from Manna bookshop in Willis St, boys and girls, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Think I'm a nutter?
Go to or

There, you've just had your first taste of Ezek 33.
go on read the whole chapter.
see you on the last day.