Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Gay NZ.com's Christian Right columnist Craig Young has done a round up of groups that oppose gay rights, alleging that the Maxim Institute has control of groups that oppose gay rights. He alleges that the Society For the Promotion for Community Standards works as the Wellington branch of the Maxim Institute. That's actually about as true as saying that the Family Planning Association is the Wellington branch of the AIDS Foundation. The Maxim Institute is not exerting its control over " anti-gay groups" any more than the Gay Express exerts control over "anti -straight" groups.

However one thing that he almost got right is that Paul Adams is "politically clueless". But at least he didn't call him and his UFNZ caucus mates homophobic bigots like David Benson -Pope did recently. United Future Party then stalled the passage of Benson-Pope's scampi Bill by requesting a further briefing from him on the progress of the and other fishing legislation generally.

The request, from United Future Fisheries Spokesman Larry Baldock, came on 28 June; the same day as an article quoting Benson-Pope appeared in the Otago Daily Times, in which he categorised the head of the Catholic Church in New Zealand, Cardinal Tom Williams, Dunne and the United Future Party as bigots because of their their opposition to the Civil Union Bill.

Heh heh.

The ODT article appeared beneath the headline Bigots will not stop Bill: Benson-Pope MP accuses critics of rank homophobia

Sure, Paul Adams is a bit of a wally sometimes, I mean, he didn't even know that the Immigration Service was part of the Labour Department until told by officials at a select committee last week. Adams is the Immigration spokesperson for United Future.

Craig Young mentions Focus on the Family, but fails to mention Vision New Zealand, who have put out several releases against the CUB. Perhaps he is not aware of Vision New Zealand.

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