Saturday, July 17, 2004

Stephen D Taylor writes more abusive letters

This page from the Northland Age has a selection of letters to the editor, most written in the past few months. About 90 of them. And at least 10 percent of the letters are from one person: Stephen D Taylor, and that’s just one of the papers he writes letters to.

You get the feeling you know the name. You do. He is the person who caused a furore when he had a letter in the NZ Herald suggesting that Labour MP Tim Barnett be put down like a rabid dog.

Or specifically "I can only hope a champion will soon arise to blunt Mr Barnett's ardour for legislative iniquity. Otherwise, as is the case with rabid dogs, he shall have to be "put down"."

Now he is saying that "Nandor Tanczos is an ignorant and dangerous fool who should be put up against a wall and shot for treason", due to his stance on cannabis decriminalisation.

And of our popular and competent Prime Minister he says "It's about time someone gave Prime Minister Helen Clark a good smack, so abhorrant is her attempt to link causality / corelation between Section 59 of the Crimes Act and the Coral Burrows murder."

Charming. According to research done by Matt Nippert, Stephen D. Taylor of Onehunga has had 40 of his letters published 68 times in an 18 month period, using the Maxim Institute Wizard, mainly attacking Labour and Green MPs and praising United Future.

Of Helen Clark, he says,"How dare this childless, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-faith, anti-Privy Council, pro-drug, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-prostitution and pro-GE sycophant dare to intrude into the domain of parenting and the associated disciplines it requires within such a role?"

Someone go and tell Russell Brown and Matt Nippert that this pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-faith , pro-Privy Council, anti-drug, anti-abortion, anti- euthanasia, anti-prostitution, anti-GE sycophant hasn't stopped yet.

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