Monday, July 12, 2004

The latest One News - Colmar Brunton Poll

From the TVNZ site

Parties and seats
National 43% - down one (54)
Labour 39% - down one (48)
Greens and NZ First, both 5% and both up one (6)
Act 3% - up one (0)
United Future and Maori Party - both steady on 2% (3)
Progressives 0% - down one. (1)

Good news for National - they are still on top and can do without ACT. Bad news, the election is not until next year.

And the leaders:
Helen Clark 37% - up one
Don Brash 32% - up one
Winston Peters - 7% - up one

So on this poll National/NZ First get 60 seats, National/United get 57 seats. Labour and everyone else get 58 seats.

Yet 47 percent approved of the Governments performance, while 39 percent disapproved. So why did some of those approving switch to the right?

Perhaps they should do a poll after the next All Blacks loss - which will hopefully be some way off yet.

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