Thursday, July 29, 2004

JT has to ask permission to say the obvious

John Tamihere has delivered his speech to St Peter's College in Epsom. He challenged politically correct critics of "red-blooded heterosexual men". I was fortunate to get his speech in advance but it was embargoed until delivery. However some parts have already been in the media earlier today.

"I believe that the pendulum of political correctness has swung too far. I am sick and tired of hearing about the deficit model, where, as red-blooded heterosexual men, we are supposedly the creators of all that is bad and evil in this world.

A number of attitudes prevalent in our society are in fact highly dangerous to our wellbeing, and are particularly dangerous to the wellbeing of our young men.

We now have evidence that perhaps the most important figure in a boy's life is his father – and I cannot think of anyone who influenced me more than my own father.

We must acknowledge that they do need role models – and male role models. Most men do want to be better fathers, but often society's attitudes and institutions can be barriers to them doing so.

Men and boys count – it is time we stood up to be counted."

I`d like to know why this red blooded heterosexual dad of five kids had to ask permission of "geeky" (JT's word) leader Helen Clark to say that the most important figure in a boy's life is his father. Particularly when another childless MP Steve Maharey does not have to get permission to say that kids living with their sole mum are "doing OK" without dad in their lives - and that the two parent family is "history," and " not holding together all that well."

Who's right? They can't both be.

On another note - it's good to see that there is an increasing readership of this blog. Keep it comin.'. Off to watch the Fight For Life now while I wait for the phone line to be free to blog this.

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